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KAPLA® is suitable for children aged 3 and up. Thanks to its simplicity and its special designed dimensions, this consruction toy enables to realise spectacular buildings or huge creations without any limits.

Our construction toy

KAPLA® is a construction toy made up from a set of identical elements whose proportions correspond to: 3 thicknesses for 1 width ans 5 widths for 1 length.

The principle is simple: each plank is placed one on top of the other, without any fixation and you just let your imagination go.

KAPLA® is at once a creative, a reflection as well as a dexterity toy which gives as much joy to the small ones as adults.

KAPLA® is used as an effective educational tool in many schools around the world.

A natural toy

KAPLA planks are made from 100% untreated wood sourced from pine forests in Les Landes in the South-west of France.

Meeting International Standards, the raw materials used for KAPLA planks are carefully selected and then independently tested by specialised laboratories.

Our precision manufacturing process ensures that each KAPLA plank is exactly the same size with utmost precision, has the correct ratio, is perfectly balanced and smooth which results in stable and securely constructions.

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