Diabolo Henrys Vision Free translucent green

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Henrys Diabolo Vision with ball bearing shaft.

Thanks to this special axis, the diabolo continues to turn much longer and you can practice more difficult tricks.

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This Diabolo Vision is produced by Henrys in Germany and has a good wear resistant shell.

A ball-bearing dolly has a shaft that can spin in one direction. This "free axis" is sometimes also referred to as "one-way" or "free" bearing.

After accelerating the diabolo, the rod will rotate by itself, so it won't slow down the diabolo.

The diabolo will therefore continue to function much longer.

A free axle diabolo generally has more speed than a regular diabolo. Because of this, the forces can be much greater in the event of a fall and can therefore damage the diabolo more quickly.

Delivered without poles

Manufacturing Germany
Sizes 13 x 13,5 cm
Weight 215g
Brand Henrys Reference HEN-3136.07 EAN13 4022507178163