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Who benefits from lying?

Game in frenchfrom 14 years old

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Hector Vargas built a glorious multibillion dollar empire on a string of shady business promotions and Ponzi schemes. His life ended rather ingloriously, however, when a champagne cork shot into his windpipe and he choked before anyone could provide aid. Now, you have a chance to inherit his unbelievably large fortune. All you have to do is prove yourself worthy by showing that you are as clever, ruthless, and deceitful as he was.

In Hoax, three to six players each take on the secret identity of a member of Vargas’ family or household. No matter what your identity, your goal is to eliminate all your competitors by catching them in a lie – but making a false accusation will take you out of the game. If you want to make informed accusations, you’ll have to amass resources and spend them to investigate other players. To win, you’ll have to both avoid accusations and judiciously make them, all the while making your opponents believe that all your lies are true.

Authors : Bill Eberle, Ned Horn, Jack Kittredge and Peter Olotka.

Age from 14 years old
Numbers of players 3 4 6
Average playtime 10 minutes
Language French
Brand FFG Reference FFG-191061 EAN13 3558380037835