Les Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux

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How, you do not know Thiercelieux?

Game in frenchfrom 10 years old

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How, you do not know Thiercelieux? Such a pretty little village in the east, well sheltered from the wind and the cold, nestled between charming forests and good pastures.

The inhabitants of Thiercelieux are affable peasants, happy with their tranquility and proud of their work. Around them, we find characters as diverse as a clairvoyant, a witch, a thief, the captain (who constantly drools), Cupid (who ties hearts and idylls), and even a little girl with charming duvets . However, at night, the peaceful village is invaded by werewolves who catch and devour the peasants one by one. If no one reacts, the whole village is threatened! Les Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux has a fascinating and original play system, with formidable simplicity!

Each player receives a character card (with a specific function or particularity) while the werewolf (s) are designated in secret. One of the players does not receive a card. He will be the playmaker and will have the privilege of witnessing the actions of all other players.

At each turn, the playmaker announces that night is falling. So, all players close their eyes and can only open them when they are called or when dawn comes. Then, the leader calls the different characters one by one to use their powers or perform their actions. Werewolves can devour villagers, the little girl can spy on them, the witch prepares magic filters and the clairvoyant can even uncover the true identity of a player.

When everyone has acted, the leader announces that day is breaking. We then resolve the various events of the night. The werewolves may have devoured villagers, the hunter will undoubtedly have killed one of them or even an innocent, the thief will have certainly hatched some scheme, and Cupid will surely have chosen targets for his features. Be careful every morning the villagers vote to eliminate one of them who they think is a werewolf. Everyone can argue according to their interests!

The eliminated players remain silently around the table, they too will have the privilege of attending all of the events. The game continues until the werewolves are eliminated or the village is emptied of its inhabitants. Villagers win if they wiped out all werewolves, werewolves if they devoured all villagers.

Authors : Hervé Marly, Philippe des Pallières

Illustrations : Alexios Tjoyas

Age from 10 years old
Manufacturing Poland
Numbers of players +10 8 9 10
Language French
Reward As d’Or
Brand Lui-même Reference LME-191435 EAN13 3558380086000