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"Archipelago" is a management game with Meeples and Beeples (the boat version of the Meeple).

Each player has his set of pawns in his color. The idea will be to explore a distant region full of small islands rich in resources, and indigenous. You are going to settle down, try to prosper while sending food to Europe without offending the inhabitants who have an annoying tendency to revolt if they are not happy.

Game in frenchfrom 14 years old

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The game offers 3 durations, depending on the objective card set chosen. A short, a medium and a long. At the start of the game, after turn 0 - which is the setup turn - each player will receive an objective card containing 2 things. The first is an end game condition and the second is a way to score points. The trick, even the trick, must be said, is that the end-of-game condition is known only to you, but that it applies to all players, and that your opponents also have a secret condition of endgame which is not the same as yours. So you don't really know when the game is going to end, but you have an idea or even control it if you are very good and know the game and the cards well. Yes, depending on what your opponents are doing, you will be able to guess. Or bluff them or get bluffed, because these cards also contain a way to score points, which will be used by all players when the game ends. A bit like in "Troyes". So you have an indication of what your opponents are trying to do, for example, here is one that seems to build a lot of ports, maybe its card gives points to those who have built the most ports , will you drop this type of construction? Because there are very few points to score, unlike the ways to score. So, it is better not to miss it…

In "Archipelago", there is discovery. A map will be built progressively, discovering riches, but also natives. These inhabitants will sometimes cause you problems because they will have to provide for their needs with the internal market, but also prepare shipments to Europe via the external market. And people who are not well fed get angry. Just like people who can't find a job, who have nothing to do ...

Then anger rages, and if it rages too much, paf! Revolt, independence and everyone lost! Yes. Because "Archipelago" asks you to cooperate a little, but not too much, just enough. Because in the objective cards, you have the independentist, who asks only to free the islands from the yoke of the European villains and who suddenly wins if the rebels outnumber the number of Meeples of players present on the board. Just as there is the pacifist who does not like the muddles and will strive to keep a sufficient gap between the workers and the rebels on the plateau of the population ...

The game’s engine has a number of simple actions to do. At the start of the game, each player has 3 tokens of his own color, each of these tokens is an action. In turn, the active player will place a token on the action board and take the corresponding action. Simple. It has a "reproduction" box, another for "cutting wood", another for "going fishing", another for "recruiting the unemployed" ... Added to all this an auction system to decide the position from 1st player, the fact that everything is negotiable, exchangeable, that there are cards with special effects to improve your life, effects to rot others and we are faced with a game, which promises to be a bushy game, full of possibilities, but very fluid, even completely obvious, since each action is logical ...

Author : Christophe Boelinger

Illustrations : Chris Quilliams, Ismaël and Vincent Boulanger

Age from 14 years old
Manufacturing Germany
Numbers of players 2 3 4 5
Average playtime +30 minutes
Language French
Brand Ludically Reference LLY-19771 EAN13 3760184940093