KIT : Christmas in Scandinavia

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Make two little Dalecarlian horses and go to Scandinavia to celebrate Christmas.

kit in French from 8 years old

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Summary of creative kit contents:

* The material to carry out 2 creative leisure workshops: Make two adorable Christmas ornaments: Small Dalecarlian horses, in the colors of Sweden.
You will use adhesive felt, ribbons, Merino wool and pompom braid to bring these dashing couriers to life!

* An illustrated documentary booklet: Christmas in Scandinavia
Sweden, Norway and Denmark share more than their history. These countries have absolutely fabulous Christmas traditions and folklore in common!
In this issue, we meet the Christmas goat and Jultomte, two essential characters of Scandinavian celebrations.

*A cute kit-themed sticker

Manual activity and benefits:

* Fine motor skills: cutting, assembling and gluing
* Understanding of volumes, dimensions and proportions.
* Concentration

* The magazine introduces children to Scandinavian legends:
- How do we celebrate Christmas in Scandinavian countries?
- What are the traditions inherited from the Vikings?
- Who is Jultomte, this gnome who throws our gifts at us?
- Is there really a whole gingerbread town?


* My little Dalecarlian horse

The story goes that in the 18th century, Sweden and Russia were at war. The soldiers were hungry and cold!⁠ One day, a soldier stationed on the shores of Lake Siljan carved a small wooden horse and gave it to a child.

⁠ To thank him, his mother gave the soldier a bowl of soup.⁠ ⁠ His companions all began to carve small horses to offer them to the inhabitants, in exchange for food.⁠ ⁠ The tradition of the Dalecarlian horse was born ! ⁠
In this workshop, children will transform the traditional Dalecarlian horse into a pretty decoration for the Christmas tree.
They will create their two shapes in red and blue felt, and make them rigid with cardboard. They will then decorate their horses by adding the saddle, the golden ribbon bridle, the Merino wool mane and tail, and finally the pompom braid to complete the decoration!
An easy and fun workshop to understand mirror shapes and manipulate raw materials.
Small rhinestones will be added to hang the shards of light from the tree!
The little horses can also be placed in the center of a pretty Christmas wreath.

* Christmas in Scandinavia

In this magazine, we discover how Yule, the winter solstice festival, became Christmas.
Scandinavian folk creatures have evolved into substitutes for Santa Claus (who is already busy elsewhere!)

We discover the Julbock, a goat descended from the two goats that pulled Odin's chariot: ⁠ ⁠ Tanngrisnir ⁠ and⁠ Tanngnjóstr.
These immortal goats, which Odin could eat at will, symbolize renewal and the wheel of the seasons!
We also meet Jultomte, a grumbling gnome, solitary but generous.
He is so shy that at Christmas, when he brings the presents to the children, he knocks on the door then throws the presents inside before running away!
In the illustrated booklet, the imaginary workshop presents Scandinavian traditions: The gingerbread town, the Yule festival, Saint Lucia, and many other events that mix old traditions and Christmas.

We learn what "Hygge" means, this expression which translates the way in which Scandinavians enjoy beautiful family moments, concocting a little family cocoon in winter.

And for that, the children discover in the magazine the recipe for drömmars, these incomparable fondant cakes, to be enjoyed with a good hot chocolate...

Finally, the illustrated explanatory sheets allow children to simply follow each of the steps for the realization of the workshop: My horses of Dalécarlie

Contents of the creative kit:

- 1 swatch of adhesive red felt
- 1 swatch of adhesive blue felt
- 1 ribbon of ecru pompom braid
- 1 ball of Merino wool
- 1 gold ribbon < br />- 1 self-adhesive card with the saddle of the horses
- 2 cardboard cards silhouette of the horses
- 1 band of silver rhinestones
- 1 illustrated booklet of 20 pages
- 1 nice sticker on the theme of Christmas in Scandinavia!

Kids will just need scissors and glue

Age from 8 years old
Manufacturing France
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