Marble Run - Basic

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This Basic Kit teaches you all the basic principles and guarantees you countless hours of fun!

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Circuit of balls made of parts which are either in solid bamboo, or made from bamboo fibers and sawdust mixed with a resin. The smallest parts are made of high quality plastic.

Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases, grows quickly and its resources are renewable. It consumes few resources and energy which makes it a material of choice for making ecological products.

The Bamboo Planet circuits are the best quality wooden circuits and the most stable due to their fixing system. This also allows smaller children, from 3/4 years old to play with these wonderful circuits.

Watching the marbles fall, swirl, disappear and reappear is a magical spectacle that will delight young and old. These ball slides allow children to build circuits following the models provided or to create their own models which will stimulate their creativity and ingenuity.

Age from 4 years old
Materials Bamboo
Brand Bamboo Planet Reference BBP-6149601 EAN13 5414561496014