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It’s not easy to spot the cute Aardvark in the African savannah. It’s nocturnal and disappears into its underground burrow at dawn. When it senses danger, it quickly buries itself in the ground. So it’s safest in your pocket!

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The Aardvark is at home in the African savannah and looks more like a rabbit with its long ears, but that’s where all the similarities end.

Instead of carrots, it prefers to eat ants. With its long snout, it cleverly sniffs out insects living underground and digs them up in no time at all. It’s especially active at night.

Who will stay awake long enough to keep the Aardvark company?

Age from 3 years old
Sizes 6,8 x 1,7 x 3,2 cm
Theme Schleich - Wild Life
Brand Schleich Reference SCH-14863-🟢 EAN13 4059433532301