Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe

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Find the path to join Mother-Grand.

"Once upon a time ... at the bottom of the woods ... a house inhabited by Mother Grand ..."

Game in frenchfrom 4 to 7 years old


Find the path to join Mother-Grand.

Discover the magic of this popular tale in this great puzzle game for young children.

Can you help Little Red Riding Hood find her way to Mother Grand?

Place the house, fir trees and Little Red Riding Hood on the game plan and use the "path" tiles to allow him to join the house. You will have to overcome 24 challenges of increasing difficulty.

But beware! The wolf rodes. Play with him and solve 24 other challenges by creating two different paths to Mother-Grand's house: one for Little Red Riding Hood, the other for the wolf, which will always arrive first ...

A comic strip of the tale is also included, without text, telling the original story under an original feature.

Contents :

  • Game plan
  • 5 game tiles with a path segment and colorful flowers
  • 2 figurines
  • 3 fir trees
  • 1 house
  • 1 booklet 48 challenges (24 without the wolf, 24 with the wolf)
  • 1 cartoon

Age from 4 years old
Sizes 24 x 29 x 6 cm
Numbers of players 1
Language French
Brand Smart Reference SMT-SG021FR EAN13 5414301518396