Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Vanari Auralan Sentinels

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Master archers, the Auralan Sentinels wield complex aelven bows that can either fire straight and true or loft arrows high in the air to curve down onto distant foes. When their High Sentinel channels power into their arrowheads, they are all the more lethal.

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Master archers, the Auralan Sentinels wield sophisticated Aelven bows capable of firing straight or bell shots. When their High Sentinel Officer imbues their arrows with his power, they are even more fearsome.

The Auralan Sentinels are prime units for your army of Lumineth Realm-lords, capable of showering the enemy with a hail of arrows. Invested with magical power, they make short work of enemies even with heavy armor. Moreover, the gyrfalcon-oracle lantern forbids anyone to evade their salvos.

This kit makes it possible to assemble 10 Auralan Sentinels, with various interchangeable and customizable parts. With a choice of bows, quivers and other accessories, even the largest line of archers will present a varied look. This kit also offers the options to mount an Auralan Sentinel as a High Sentinel with a gyrfalcon-oracle lantern.

Age from 12 years old
Manufacturing United Kingdom
Theme Age of Sigmar
Brand Games Workshop Reference GW-87-58 EAN13 5011921179596