Books & Music

Dive into a harmonious universe where music and literature meet.

Discover new melodies, find inspiration in words and let yourself be carried away by the magic of artistic creation.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of words and sounds


  • Music

    We are delighted to offer you a selection of musical toys that will allow your children to discover music in a playful and creative way.

    We have carefully selected quality instruments to provide a rich and enjoyable sound experience. Explore our collection and get carried away by the power of music!

  • Preschool

    Discover captivating illustrations, simple stories and fascinating words that will spark their imagination from an early age.

  • Activity Books

    Captivating puzzles, word games, mazes and stimulating coloring await little explorers and creative minds.

  • Books

    Find the beloved stories that have captivated generations, providing enchanted reading moments and valuable lessons.

    From enchanting fairy tales to captivating adventures, these beautifully illustrated albums transport readers to imaginary worlds filled with unforgettable characters.

  • Documentaries

    Captivating books that combine entertainment and learning.

    Explore a variety of exciting subjects, from natural sciences and history to arts and geography.

  • Novels and Become the...

    Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures where you are the protagonist, making crucial decisions at every turn of the story.

  • Cookbooks

    Healthy and delicious dishes are just waiting to be prepared by budding young chefs.

    Give your children an enriching culinary experience and encourage their passion for cooking with our dedicated books.

  • Baby books

    Adorable collection of books for babies, specially designed to stimulate their curiosity and sensory development.

  • Birth books

    Precious treasures to capture and immortalize the memories of your baby's birth

    These customizable books provide a dedicated space to record your child's first steps, special moments and stories.

  • Yoto

    It is as a child that we discover his love for audio.

    With Yoto, your little wolves have an audio universe at their fingertips.

  • Faba
  • Storyteller

    Lunii is a unique experience that stimulates children's imagination and creativity.

    These little magic boxes allow children to choose and create their own stories by combining different narrative elements such as characters, places and objects.

  • Bookinou

    With Bookinou, stories come to life through the voices of loved ones, fostering emotional connection and a love of reading.

  • Story lamps

    Just project the images onto the ceiling or walls to create a wonderful spectacle and bring favorite tales to life.

    Let yourself be carried away by the soft and magical atmosphere of story lamps and create unforgettable moments of sharing and imagination.

  • Accessories

    Discover our collection of unique accessories.

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