Colt Express - Exp. Horses & Stagecoach

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The bandits are coming back more fit than ever with new targets in sight.

Game in french, dutchfrom 10 years old


The bandits are coming back more fit than ever with new targets in sight. Indeed, the silhouette of a stagecoach stands out near the train, promising new riches to take hold. Outlaws can now count on their loyal steed as well as on small pick-ups during the game. But beware of their new enemy and new events.

Horses for more movement

Can you be a bandit worthy of the name without a horse? Now start the game by riding to the wagon where you want to enter. In game, move faster on horseback thanks to the Ride Action card.

Diligence for more action

Access the Diligence from the train or from the horses. On his roof, a Shotgun jealously watches over a $ 1,000 briefcase. There is only one solution to get rid of the nuisance: punch him and throw him on the roof of the train. Be careful however, even humiliated the Shotgun will seek to protect the Diligence, inflicting an injury on anyone who has the misfortune to cross his path on the roof of the train.

Inside the Diligence, another surprise awaits you: frightened passengers watch your Bandit enter with round eyes. Choose one of them to make it a hostage and get a ransom at the end of the game. Be aware, however, that these passengers are not completely docile and will handicap you for the rest of the game.

Whiskey for more efficiency

Relieve passengers of their alcohol! Drinking a Whiskey Flask at the right time will allow you to complete your hand with new Action cards or play twice in a row.

These flanges give an ideal boost when the fatigue of wounds begins to be felt!


  • 1 3D diligence
  • 1 Shotgun counter
  • 6 Horse pawns
  • 5 Classic Whiskey Flasks
  • 1 Flask of Old Whiskey
  • 1 kitty worth $ 1,000
  • 6 Riding Action cards
  • 8 Hostage cards
  • 3 neutral Ball cards
  • 13 Channel cards

Author : Christophe Raimbault

Illustrations : Jordi Valbuena

Requires basic game to play

Age from 10 years old
Manufacturing Germany
Numbers of players 2 3 4 5 6
Average playtime +40 minutes
Brand Ludonaute Reference LUDO-19943 EAN13 3770002176788