La Guerre des Moutons

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Sheep war rages in the pastures!

Game in frenchfrom 8 years old

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The sheep war is raging on the pastures!

We fight over a few acres, we fight for a plot, a plot, a field. La Guerre des Moutons is a superb little board game as simple as it is fun.

Everyone plays a shepherd who must build the largest enclosure containing sheep of his color. Players take turns placing landscape tiles on the table, much like dominoes. On the boxes there are: sheep, forest, wolves or hunters! But here is the trick: the color of the players is secret at the start, so you must enlarge your enclosure discreetly ... otherwise you will be stopped in your tracks.

The Sheep War will appeal to everyone, young and old. The simplicity of the rules does not prevent some interesting tactical aspects which renew each game according to the configurations and number of players.

The tile bag can be used as a transport bag: convenient to take the game everywhere.

Author : Philippe des Pallières

Illustrations : François Bruel

Age from 8 years old
Manufacturing Poland
Numbers of players 2 3 4
Language French
Reward Jeu de l'Année
Brand Lui-même Reference LME-1904 EAN13 3558380000235